Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is not an optical illusion. The 4x6 upright posts are plumb. At 8 feet above the top surface of the first floor, the house is leaning a full 5 inches. These uprights are braced to the new floor. We will use 2-ton winches to pull the house back into square. We are currently racking the southern and northern walls. In other words, we are making the west and east walls plumb. Once these two walls are plumb, we will rack the western wall (front of the house). We are also only doing one floor at a time. Once we have racked all four walls of the first floor, we will go upstairs and rack those walls. After each operation, we will be removing the siding and putting up 1/2 CDX Plywood (can't stand OSB) in order to hold the house upright. A builders wrap will be added prior to putting up the old siding. The old siding will likely be sanded, primed and painted off site. Then, the painters will put a final coat of paint on the siding after it is put back up.

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